by Alenni

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released April 22, 2017

Alenni Davis - vocals, piano, acoustic guitar, viola, rhodes, toy piano, electric guitar on tracks 2 and 11
Jacob Crofoot - electric guitar on tracks 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 12
Nick Sebastiano - electric bass on tracks 1 2 4 6 8 10 11 and 12, rhodes on track 3
Dave King - electric bass on tracks 7 and 9
Jahna Stanton - violin on tracks 2, 4, 5, 7 and 9
Alexa Sanchez - cello on tracks 1, 2, 4, 5 and 9
Amarie King - flute and piccolo on tracks 1 and 7
Conor Grocki - oboe on tracks 5 and 7
Brian Rowe - clarinet on tracks 5 and 7
Paul Evoskevich - saxophone on tracks 7 and 11
Adin Kovacik - trumpet and flugelhorn on tracks 1 and 7
Judybelle Camangyan - trombone and euphonium on tracks 1 and 7
Nick Cavin - drums on tracks 1, 7, and 9
Michael Doherty - drums on tracks 2, 4, 6, and 11
Connor Benincasa - drums on tracks 8 and 12
Collin Bevan - drums on track 11

Written, engineered, mixed, and produced, by Alenni Davis. Mastered by Nick Sebastiano and Alenni Davis. Assistant producer: Nick Sebastiano. Assistant engineers: Nick Sebastiano, Collin Bevan, Judybelle Camangyan, Tyler Schmidt.

Photography by Judybelle Camangyan, hair by Anna Miceli, styling by Amarie King, makeup by Alenni Davis.

Album artwork and design by Alenni Davis. Logo by Bonnie Mason.


all rights reserved



Alenni Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

charming artpop

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Track Name: Good Morning Darling
Wake up, do you hear the waves, they crash against the shore?
Starfish tumbling onto the coastline, won’t you stop that snore?
Can you hear the bluebirds singing to you, “good morning darling”?
And do you hear the wind’s howling for you, “good morning darling”?

The sun’s coming through, the sun’s coming through your window
And there’s clear blue skies, clear bright blue skies
(the grass is very green today)
A robin overhead is singing tunes of love, tunes of joy
Oh everybody everywhere is looking for you just to say,
"good morning, good morning darling!"

Cold hands will wake you but so will my love
I want to show you a world of wonder
Track Name: Falling Slowly
They tried to tell me I was crazy
To love somebody who won't care for me
But they can't see what's written between the lines
The magic hidden from their minds

And now I'm falling slowly
And now I'm falling fast

I tried to tell myself to move on
Those blissful moments have come and gone
But I swore I saw a constellation in your eyes
A distant universe beneath your mind

If you whispered a lullaby
To me last night
I heard you try to complete the rhyme
(It took some time)
Track Name: Loose Ends
Sing a song
Doesn’t matter what the words are
Tell a secret
The caliber don’t matter
You can live your life
Hiding under the sheets
Or you can choose to see the world with your own two eyes
And make the loose ends meet

I can’t feel the ground
Beneath my own two feet
I am living high above the world in my demise

Droplets fall
From your eyes
Don’t worry ‘bout the pain
You’ll forget it all soon anyway
Use your time to make something new
Something you love
But don’t be blinded by the walls of your own little world
Don’t be like me
Track Name: Constellations
I wonder if it's dark on your side of the world
Or if you can still see the sky's colors turn
How could it be that we're looking at the same thing
One’s a misty mystery and one’s a clear scene
I wonder if it's this dark on your side of the world

Constellations in the ground
Flickering without a sound
Constellations in the ground

I wonder if you feel as lost as I am
Or if you can still find guiding light in the sun
How is it fair that we’re forced to be oh so far
Miles after miles couldn’t get me to you
I wonder if you’re feeling as lost as I am
Track Name: Portland
On bustling Fremont Street a
Family of five is smiling
To them it's raining golden
To me it's grey
It's their time to shine
While I'm left behind

Cute coffee shops and loads of
Couples with dogs, I'm jealous
I wish I was that far with you
But I guess I can wait
So long as we don't fade

It's pouring in Portland baby
Tell me that I'm not crazy
We'll win and lose now and then
Gotta find that golden ticket to heaven

Over the Willamette bikes,
Cars roll along in sync and
Gaze at the beauty of that
Dazzling skyline
The bright white stag
Has no price tag

I wasn't sure if it was
You or me but now I know for sure
Track Name: Technicolor Sea
Give me a reason, give me a reason
Why we’ve built our lives upon a box with a screen

Where’s our ambition, where’s our ambition?
All we know is fantasy, bombarding our eyes

I’m fallin’, fallin’ down to my knees
Sayin’ baby please, let me go
I’m cryin’, cryin’ no, I am not supposed to be
Lost in Technicolor Sea, don’t let me drown

They’re on a mission, unnatural collision
Our childish minds are now filled up with death in disguise

No supervision, not until we see the sun
Our lives will fall apart just like the ones on our screens

Tangled up in the business enterprise
But is it a surprise
When we’re just children
Looking for distraction
All our dreams go awry, formed by
Microscopic utopias
Track Name: Candy Clouds
I escaped in the cold dead of night just to find
Myself, lost
I am nothing when I can’t see sparkling skies
You said "baby, the sun will come back but for now
Just hold me
Darkness will come and go if you only allow"

"Cus I believe in golden moonbeams
And I believe in rainbow starlight"
Bring me back to the daisy days, and my carefree ways
Bring me back the smiles

I'm watching all of the colors fade in the end
Red, violet, yellow, blue, orange, and green, my friends
Let's try again

Looking up I let all of today float away
Flying higher and higher just out of my reach
There is nothing so magical as candy clouds,
I would dance forever if I only knew how

But my eyes are blinded by reflecting gleams
And my eyes can only see in black and white
Bring me back to the daisy days, and my carefree ways
Bring me back the smiles

I'm watching all of the colors are mine again
Red, violet, yellow, blue, orange, and green, my friends
Let’s try again
Track Name: Hourglass
Wilted flowers
Long ago
Countless hours
On my own

Gave up dreaming silly love stories
Good luck finding fantasy

Stilted romance
Cast away
Give one more chance
Another day

Letting go of all my worries
Falling for your gravity

Oh I never thought that we would be anything more
Now here I am so happy to call myself yours
It’s funny how time can change us all,
How time can change us all
Who coulda guessed that you would walk right through my door
Now when I wash my clothes half of them are yours
It’s funny how time can change us all,
How time can change us all

Shifting like an hourglass
Perspectives meet to make a match
My heart, you will stain
Everything will change
Track Name: Ghosts
Silence in disguise
Closes in again
So I say goodbye again

Can’t wait until I’m gone
Slightly wasted on
God knows what

Fire in the skies
Rainin’ down on us
They’re giving up on us

Can’t hold it in anymore
Slightly crazy now
Obsessing over and over the ghosts inside my head
Track Name: Wishing Well
Tossed into a wishing well
Waiting for you to ring the bell

Change piles up like broken leaves
Fortune's hands dig in, the thieves

The faces tangled in my hair
Between these walls that go nowhere
Whoever had the thought that luck could be found
At the bottom of a hole beneath the ground

Leapfrog players out to sea
See a structure suddenly

Eager eyes look down below
My heart beats its own scherzo

"Heavens do you see that?"
Heavens do you see me?
"All our wishes lay there!
All it takes is just one throw!" Oh no

You said that water washes
All our hearts clean, does that include me?
And if so how do I know if
I'm ready to jump off the cliff?
Track Name: Vagabond Butterfly
Butterflies are flying higher than we could dream of
Where do you think that they all go?
In a plane I can see the skies but I can't touch them
I'd be damned if I could be so free

I'd see the sands of Egypt
Glowing golden under the sun
The Great Wall of China
Never looked so good than from up above

Fluttering in the wind these wings are flowers, fragile
With just one single touch we will come falling down

I've seen the snows of Antarctica
Shining silver under the moon
The Grand Canal of Italy
Always looks so fun from in the clouds

Look once, look twice
Do you see the angels dancing,
Lighting up the sky with rainbows?
(What's that, who's there?) I swore I heard somebody calling
"The sun is falling, you can go to sleep now"
Track Name: Cliché (Bonus Track)
I’m no longer scared or ashamed
What has passed is the past and I’m moving on
If and when I’m tripped by temptation
You’ll be my angel to pick me off the ground

I can see us sittin’ by the fire playin’ our guitars together
Can’t you see us singing along to the Beach Boys on vinyl?
Oh we will have the life that we have always dreamed of
‘Cus you’re the one for me
And I’m the one for you
I know it’s cliche to say but it’s true

I know I don’t know who you are yet, boy
But when we meet I’ll know you’re my perfect match,
My missing half, my shooting star, my apple pie, so sweet to me
You’ll be the laces in my shoes, the strings on my guitar

I can see us laying under stars and pointing at the constellations
Can’t you see us giving up on sleep to see who beats Zelda first?
Oh we will have the life that we have always dreamed of
‘Cus you’re the one for me
And I’m the one for you
I know it’s cliche to say but it’s true

If people say that I’m crazy
I’ll just say that I’m crazy in love
No I don’t care ‘bout what people say about us
This bad weather can’t last forever

I can see you at the end of the aisle as I’m walking with my father
Can’t you see us standing at the altar as we both say “I do”?
Oh we will have the life that we have always dreamed of
‘Cus you’re the one for me
And I’m the one for you
I know it’s cliche to say but it’s true
Track Name: Ocean Song (Bonus Track)
I wanna swim in the ocean
Hide from my fears and emotions
I want seashells and sand castles built over me
A cold glass of tea and a salad of seaweed
I wanna swim in the ocean

Manatees, anemones, deep seas as far as I can see
Cumuli insist that I comply and start to dream high

Filled to the brim with devotion
No need for any loco mo o o ti o on
There's nothing so pretty as beach lit by moon
I'd love to climb up to the top of the sand dune
I wanna swim in the ocean

Manatees, anemones, waves bigger than you've ever seen
Cumuli insist that I count higher so I close my eyes
I'm not ready, not ready

Magically its majesty is calling through the ocean breeze
Singing through the mist of such a bliss that one could only find

Drifting in the sea

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